Architects and Designers

Architects and interior designers are of course both very helpful and, most often than not, necessary in the design process. However, the two are often confused from each other. The similarities in their services has made the line between the two become so blurry. Don’t worry, it’s quite forgivable to not know the difference but it’s always better to know. architect-designer
So what really is the difference?
First off, architects need tertiary education granting them a degree in architecture from a university. They are taught the Mathematics, Science and Art behind structures and materials. After that, they would need to pass and acquire licensure from their state’s board before they can use the title. They’re also taught History and Contract Law related to their practice. With that, of course, comes liabilities and policies making them responsible for safety and building regulations. They are also the most responsible when it comes to constructions since they should be well trained and well versed in materials and techniques necessary in buildings and houses.
Designers, on the other hand, can be trained by both universities and design schools depending on the field or fields they would want to focus on. (i.e. interior design, industrial design).  They are also taught and are well versed with materials and skill sets necessary in their practice. While they do not need to have licenses to design spaces, they are not legally allowed to have architectural plans approved. Only architects get to do so.
So which one would you need more? Well, it depends on your requirements. Of course when it comes to buildings and structures, architects would be the most helpful but if it’s redecorating and mostly aesthetics, then designers would be sufficient and sometimes even better since some of them get to focus on art and design more.
The best similarity they have though is they both have great insight in designing spaces. You can learn tons from them both so it will never be a problem to study their fields and its members. As I often say, always find ways to learn and get inspired in your craft.

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