Re-invented interiors in black and white

Themed Black and White


An evergreen theme is the black and white theme. Be it the kitchen, living room or bedroom, it suits every mood and personality. White gives the feeling of space and round black cushions add variety and provide a sharp contrast against the white sofa, which is not, in the least bit distracting. The low wooden table does not block the view and makes the conversation area warm and friendly. A conversation area which is not blocked by large tables with huge flower vases on top is a comfortable area to sit and chat for sure.

The polyurestone tiles used on the partition wall adds textural interest and the soft furry white rug complements the roughness of the wall behind. The tiles could have been placed vertically too but the horizontal arrangement makes the room look longer, which again adds to the notion of space. Wood color or original wood is employed to prevent the room from becoming dull and drab; and plants are definitely the all-favorite in any type of room (though the vase is pure black, the black-brown mismatching doesn’t distort the beauty of the corner).
The floor is carpeted with an ash grey carpet and the ceilings are whitewashed too. The white in the room is what makes the room seem big. White lamps provide a contrast with the wall behind it, which is painted plain black without any texture. A black lampshade would have looked disastrous with such a setting. A person wouldn’t want to look in the “black abyss” of a living room definitely and so the white lamp saves us this feeling.
The room beyond has a white sofa too but the cushions are champagne which goes with the wood-brown of the room. A chair resting against a black wall is brown too, and so we realize that a third colors is introduced as well. Architecturally, this room is not all that big but the walls, which seem to end mid-way, provide privacy and unlimited space for everyone to walk around freely. Each room could have had a different theme but the use of the same colors also gives a feeling of unity and harmony among the rooms.