Modern Bathroom, Eclectic Decor

Modern Bathroom Eclectic Decor

Interior design is not just an art of creating stylish, hot spaces that last for seasons until they blend completely within widely spread environments. Some truly passionate interior designers are capable of creating timeless pieces that defeat "seasonal" ideas and marketing stunts.

This bathroom is an example how one interior designer successfully overcame the above by using bold elements while "constructing" masculine space and then adding highly decorative but small details into it. From Moroccan chandelier and classic style mirror to Victorian drawer pulls, this modern bathroom in fact became eclectic. Interiors designed in similar way open a wide array of possibilities for easy makeovers by playing with details or color wherever possible; walls, cabinets..... changing towels and accessories into dramatic or vibrant or hot pigment. One New Jersey interior designer says; "when people get bored with a particular style the designs that were thought out give opportunity to create a completely new feel to it". Interior design is not just an art......