Overhauling an average hallway

Corridor Overhauling an average hallway

Most traditional homes have hallways with the same layout like this one. In New Jersey I see them in nearly every house. My friend who actually is a New Jersey interior designer knows them too but she succeeds in making them likeable simply by marrying style with comfort and often without using high end elements but rather reclaimed "treasures" from the past just like in the one pictured here.

This type of an interior design makes a difference for many reasons to many people. I, for example would be the worst interior designer possible but I know what's worth admiring. Lately, whatever I see in most of the Interior Design magazines looks to me the same or almost the same, I would never be able to feel comfortable in many of this overdone, stagged rooms. But I love my corridor. It is simple. Inviting. I keep my books and magazines on that church bench, rest the laundry basket there or leave fresh towels for my second floor guests. I sit on the cigar antique chairs (my designer reupholstered) to get a glimpse of ever-changing view. This is my meditation nook in my New Jersey home. My interior designer hung very old family pictures above the bench in all different frames, the sconces are actually outdoor ones but hung upside down and the damask wallpaper is nothing but a stencil done to match my antique rug. The banister was a custom work she designed to match the large iron chandelier.