Reflecting the homeowner's most personal character and style



The home reflects its homeowner most personal character, most intimate details and expression of their lifestyle. In the case of this space, a straightforward personality with no qualms to honesty is what we can see. The space is well thought of, designed to conform to its residents.


A memorable entry



The entrance to any place is very important. It leaves a lasting impression on a person. It shouldn’t be too busy, nor should it be too plain and simple that it looks dull. Appropriate lighting and decoration hold a lot of importance. The small yellow lamp on the creamy white of the wall welcomes the guest warmly.


Brick and Masonry Creates an Extraordinary Interior Space

Industrial stunning loft

The brickwork in this apartment would be the usual target of anyone’s eyes. It amplifies the whole industrial vibe of the space and the rusted floating staircase was a clear compliment to this. The dark brick archway beneath the stairs gives that uncomfortable yet interesting command, contrasting the warmth and largeness of the whole assembly.


Luxurious, Classic, Always Romantic

Interior can be set off by the right flooring


I am always won by luxurious French Interior design, always classic, always sophisticated and always romantic. It requires intricately designed furniture, elegant and stunning wall patterns and an over-all polished finish. This space features it all. Almost everything was drowned in clean white and you would have to rely on the finely executed details for that chic, aristocratic feel.


An elegant bathroom atmosphere guided by design

Elegant Bathroom


Don’t you just love the elegance of fine materials infused into this bathroom? From the wall mosaic to the bathroom accessories, they simply radiate class. The stunning lavatory resembles a console table that you usually place in your foyer. Its black lacquer finish and stainless steel legs create a high-end look that differentiates from the common bathroom sink. Adding to the luxury feel is the art nouveau-inspired chandelier that elegantly illuminates the whole area. It basically gives more luster to the already polished wall tiles.